Little big house on the Crescent

So it begins In June: After a very hectic year for each and everyone one of us, life seemed to start to get back normal in June 2020….However, as we know this didn’t last long!

The pandemic slowed the buying of my 260 year old cottage down considerably. I was desperate to get moved in, I had two very naughty mini rams to move into my woodland and they were sick of waiting. I also had a menagerie of rescue animals also chomping at the bit (quite literally) to get settled in. More on these critters later.

The day we finally moved in we were met with a quite horrendous downpour with thunder and lightening. We suddenly heard a tremendous crash from up in the attic. I personally thought it was a ghost as the house is slightly creepy to say the least! (Photos will follow). Alas it wasn’t a ghost but half of the rotten timbered roof falling in…oh goody! After running outside to look at the roof, we realised the guttering had its own botanical garden on a scale to rival Kew Gardens. Mally found a very very very old wooden ladder in the out building and set about trying to reach the guttering. It didn’t go well……as he started to ascend the old rotten rungs they dissolved into dust. This day had not started well at all!

Hello up there!

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