I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky

We also had a new addition to the henny flock. Big gorgeous hen Lucky. She was the sole survivor of an allotment fire. A lovely lady rescued her and she recovered beautifully. However, the lady’s garden was set up for pigeons so she needed somewhere to roam with other hens. She absolutely loves just potteringContinue reading “I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky”

It’s been a while

My birdies are still in avian flu lockdown. Hopefully this will end soon. It’s been boring without them all hopping around free ranging and causing mayhem. The rams are still ramming and I’ve bought myself a metal detector. I am determined to find Roman gold or Viking I’m not fussy. About a mile away fromContinue reading “It’s been a while”

A storm approaches

The weather was awful last week. It’s probably the worst storm I can remember. Gales, rain and snow hit Scotland and the north east of England. I was awake all that night worrying about my animals and constantly checking outside. Thousands of people are still without power a week later. I know how awful itContinue reading “A storm approaches”

Remember remember the 5th of November…..

To me bonfire night is a mixed bag, I hate it because of the loud fireworks and the stress it causes animals. But I also like the warm bonfires on a chilly evening, jacket potatoes and hot chocolate. I’ve put all my animals to bed early today. Filled all their abodes with straw and triedContinue reading “Remember remember the 5th of November…..”

Spooky North Yorkshire Coast part II

In a previous post almost a year ago https://inthecountrynotinthecountry.com/2020/11/29/spooky-north-yorkshire-coast/. I spoke about some ghostly goings on in Whitby. On Thursday, myself and Mally took ourselves off to Whitby for the evening for a ghost walking tour. We arrived in the afternoon…it’s only a 25 minute drive from our house. I was determined to scout theContinue reading “Spooky North Yorkshire Coast part II”

When the going gets tough…you ring the insurance.

So as you all know, I was flooded out quite badly during storm Christoph in January. Although there was no dispute with the insurance and everything was covered no problem, it’s still taken eight months to make the downstairs liveable again. Having watched the horrific floods in Germany and then New York, my heart feltContinue reading “When the going gets tough…you ring the insurance.”