It’s been a while

Sorry it’s been a while since an update guys. I’ve been experimenting with tiktok and YouTube videos. It’s weird what gets thousands of views. I put a video of my cottage up with different photos of the house and it’s so far on 25 thousand views. But to be honest I do prefer the medium of the written word. It just appears others don’t these days.

Lots has happened on the animal front. Sadly my old chinchilla Fernando who was 16 years old passed away. It wasn’t a shock as he was slowing down. I’m going to miss the fuzzy little chap as he’s been a large part of my life and followed me everywhere I’ve been over the years. RIP Nando.


I came up with a crazy idea of doing Xmas dinner on a campfire in my woodland. So for my birthday I asked for a campstove. I’ve been watching YouTubes about cooking Christmas dinner on a campfire and I think it’s doable…probably. However, I’ve been that ill over Christmas I couldn’t get my backside into gear to do it. However, I’ll turn the Christmas dinner idea into a Sunday lunch and try and give it a bash in the next few weeks. I’ll update you all with the mess!

My new campstove. That bad boy really kicks out some heat!

I had quite a few things to update from Christmas including a driftwood Christmas tree but it doesn’t seem right talking about Christmas in January. However, I did manage to put on a little New Year’s Eve buffet for my family this year. None of us felt well during it and it ended at 7pm. I was in bed by 7:30 so no hard partying this year. I sound like a right Debbie downer in this blog…my chinchilla died and everyone was ill at Christmas! But I think it was the same for most people this Christmas. They were either struck down with covid or the flu.

New Years buffet

My little 5 year old niece was the only one who had any energy this year. Jumping, skipping and dancing around for hours. She had requested a fruit basket for Christmas…unusual but I obliged. I also got her a barbie puppy party doll just in case she realised the error of her health conscious ways.

Fruit basket Xmas present for a five year old

My niece said she had a great Christmas this year and commented that last years Christmas was and I quote “tasteless”. Luckily I had no hand whatsoever in last Christmas! Out of the mouths of babes as they say.

I’m going to try and keep this blog updated. The next one is a treat for you ghost fans. I’ve had a couple of spooky incidents in the last few weeks. I’ll update you in the next couple of days……

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