The Great Escape

July was a hectic month with regards the animals. The rams decided that they didn’t like my garden and acre of woodland anymore. They peered over the garden fence and spied a pub beer garden. Yes! I live next door to a pub!

The rams thought they’d go for a pint of Black Sheep and managed to throw themselves over the garden wall and land on the beer garden floor. Luckily an eagle eyed neighbour Lou saw the rams pottering around the closed beer garden. She thought that was odd as I’d told her both rams were tee total. A few phone calls later and the landlord had opened the beer garden gates and I was chasing Vinnie and Rambo around the beer garden. My sister had come to lend a hand but let’s just say the horns on the rams were a little off putting to those in the nearby ramming vicinity. Eventually the naughty boys were caught and placed back in the garden. The fence was ram proofed and much to the relief of the landlord there have been no further requests for a pint of black sheep. Probably because the pub doesn’t sell it…. it’s a Sam Smith’s pub.

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