Elvis has left the building

Vinnie and Rambo had their day out in the pub beer garden. They obviously enjoyed it so much they decided to open the latch on the quail enclosure. This allowed the quails to have a jolly good jaunt as well. (I knew the rams were responsible and had somehow managed to lift the latch, as incriminating black wool was found stuck to the latch itself) Out of eleven quails, nine were missing!

Word was put out across the whole of the town by my neighbours. There were several sightings throughout the next ten days. A quail turned up at my neighbour’s door banging to be let in. Two others were found walking into the pub…I sense a joke about quails and rams going into a bar….I received a phone call from my neighbour Lou who was away on holiday, but somehow had managed to find out another of my quail had been found…spinning some DJ decks after flying in through an open window a few streets away. All my quail apart from two had now been found. My beautiful Californian quail Elvis and his little girlfriend were still missing. Elvis it seemed had well and truly left the building. I was devastated.

Days passed and I just hoped Elvis was flying amongst the trees living his best life. I spent night after night playing a quail song recording I found on YouTube, in the hope it would encourage Elvis to come home. In hindsight that quail could have been saying anything on that recording. He could well have been telling Elvis to do one for all I know!

Suddenly late one evening I received a phone call. It was Lou, Wendy a friend of a friend who was now on the way out to bingo had spotted Elvis in her neighbour’s back garden….was this Elvis????

My quail found spinning the decks a few streets away after gaining entry through an open window. She’s now been renamed DJ

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