My title is a bit of a giveaway. But before I go into too much detail of the circumstances of his capture, I will continue from where we left off…

It was a Saturday night when I received that phone call and I was a little worse for wear. Due to having had a few glasses of vino and Mally having had several pints. I was unconvinced it was Elvis but it was a lead and I needed to act on it. I phoned my sister who in turn sent her husband Matty to pick us up and drive us to the address. I took a cage and blanket in the hope that it was in fact elvis. The lady who had spotted Elvis was out at the bingo and her neighbour whose garden Elvis was reportedly in had no idea we were coming.

It came as something of a shock to the gentleman who opened the door to see two drunken idiots stood there. I crazily told him my elvis was spotted in his back garden. He didn’t look pleased and I’m sure he thought it some kind of scam especially at nearly ten in the evening. Rather than shut the door on us he called to his elderly father and asked had he seen any quails in the garden. The elderly gentleman said that he was happy for us to look in the garden…elderly people are too trusting some times, I certainly wouldn’t have allowed me in!

We approached the back garden and immediately I saw Elvis in a comprising position along with his little quail girlfriend (The dirty boy) But luckily as he was too engrossed in his…erm..extra curricular activity he didn’t notice us throwing a sheet over him. I hurriedly showed the two quail to the residents. There was a sigh of relief and smile from both as they realised luckily it wasn’t a scam and we weren’t burglars looking to ransack their home.

Elvis and his girlfriend Priscilla just minutes after capture.

Elvis was alive and well along with his girlfriend. He had one hell of a story to tell. Unfortunately not speaking quail I couldn’t understand a word of it.

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