Cromwell House part II

Aside from the creepy haunted house vibe, the house is actually snug and cottage like. I may have upset the seller slightly when I said the place smelt like an old smugglers pub…the weird thing is I thought that was a compliment! Some days you can really smell the soot falling down from the chimney. I’ll have to get the chimney sweep out and I wouldn’t mind Mary Poppins following him as my house is a tip and some help with pet care would be a bonus!

The dining/kitchen area when we moved in
The dining room as it is now. Yes that’s another colander lampshade I need to replace!

Things are coming along but still a long way to go. Talking about spooky earlier, I thought the dressing room which is between the front and back bedrooms was quite unsettling. I think it was the wallpaper and the scythe pattern on it. Let’s be honest, these things combined with my sinister looking rams who lurk menacingly in the woodland are a great setting for a horror movie.

The scythe and rake wallpaper in the dressing room
Vinnie and Rambo peering out of their stone shelter during a thunderstorm. Adding their menace to the haunted house vibe

It just seems very apt moving into such a place during a plague.

Honestly the house is very cosy with its four fireplaces… I’m writing this I am getting constant notifications on my phone. My wildlife camera is on fire with the local hedgehogs chowing down on their nightly feed.

The hedgehog video is a good place to say that next I will be focusing on the garden and woodland. There were some very strange finds in that woodland. I’ll discuss that with you tomorrow.

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