The Woodland

A large part of my garden is a woodland area. It’s the main reason I purchased the property. I wanted space for my animals.

The woodland area is on levels and has a very old stone pig sty/ outbuilding. The pig sty is quite strange…and that’s coming from someone who is quite strange!

Inside the sty was a small wooden table and chair, because pigs today have excellent etiquette and obviously eat at a table. At the back there appears to be an old stone stove. But I was most intrigued by a wooden leg complete with iron fact two of them…..Someone had been very unlucky!

Looking like a scene from Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom. Inside the pig sty and the wooden leg.
Looks my size…

The pig sty is pitch black inside no matter what the weather or time of day. I expect some disembodied pirate without legs jumping out at me every time I go in. Vinnie and Rambo love it though.

Entrance to the sty
The temple of doom

The sty was covered in brambles when we arrived. Mally cut it all back and revealed an even more unusual item on the exterior wall of the sty…..yes even more unusual than two iron legs. An old style rusted possibly brass United Kingdom crest….just seemed strange on a pig sty in the middle of a back garden woodland. There also appeared to have been power going to the sty at some point in the past. The cables looked to be from the 1930/40s. Maybe it had been used as an air raid shelter during the war.

Crest on the side of the pig sty
Side wall of the sty

Vinnie and Rambo use the sty as shelter. I actually have a nice wooden playhouse for them but they prefer the sty. It’s actually quite cosy with hay and straw making a soft floor and bedding for the lads. A few paintings and a lazy boy chair and the lads will be in heaven.

Not exactly The Ritz but Vinnie and Rambo love it. It’s also dry inside with clay tiled roof.

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