The General

The General keeps law and order in the Woodland. She’s a tough battle axe of a hen. She once pecked me in the eye because I was having an anxiety attack one day. I went outside not feeling very well….I think everyone has those days at some point, when you feel detached from reality and slightly on edge. As I bent down to put food in the hen feeder, General suddenly appeared and pecked me full force in the eye. Although it was painful and I couldn’t see properly for a few days, it had done the trick and immediately snapped me out of the anxiety attack. If General could speak English I’m sure she would have said something on the lines of “I’ll give you something to cry about loser”. Although I don’t recommend being pecked in the eye as a form of anxiety therapy…I do think Dr General’s medicine did the trick that day.

The General came to me two years ago after being rescued along with hundreds of other hens from a battery farm by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll find as time goes on and I blab on some more that a large amount of my animals came from the sanctuary. The sanctuary never turns an animal away no matter whether mouse, pigeon or fox.

The General when she arrived two years ago. Sat in her cardboard box along with her sister Nora. They were about 18 months old. That’s the age hens go to slaughter from the farms.
The General last month

The General along with the other girls Houdini, Pip, Honey, Clover, Junior, BoBo and Charlie couldn’t believe their luck when they moved from my previous middle sized back garden to the woodland. They are thoroughly enjoying the Autumn/ winter leaves and all the bugs they can eat.

The Hen house
General telling Rambo she’s THE BOSS

The girls lay very well, General stopped a couple of months ago as she has gone through the henopause. I don’t mind as I see eggs as a bonus only. I love just having my girls around. Although the eggs are great for fried egg sandwiches most mornings and make tasty frittatas and Yorkshire puddings. Honestly I believe you can taste the difference in the eggs when the hen is well looked after and loved.

Onion, chestnut mushroom, tomato and cheese frittata. Made with six of the girls eggs and some dried herbs.
Yorkshire Pudding
Giant Yorkshire pudding made with three of the girls eggs.
The classic way to use surplus eggs…scrambled

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