V Day

I haven’t written for a while as just like everyone else it’s a busy period plus I’m lazy.

V Day this evening was vet day. All three cats had to go in for their booster injections….I like how as soon as I wrote booster my phone suggested the next word be pack…I’m sure the cats would like a booster pack, very handy to catch their prey!

Well all three cats were placed(shoved…as the vets are not a favourite destination) into their separate carry cases and taken to the vets. Lil Lacey, one of my twin black cats, decided to sing the song of her people all the way there and for the hour it took for the vet to keep coming out to the car to collect each cat. Everything went well until Susie our tabby cat decided to do her usual explosive puke and poo protest in her carry case on the way back home. Luckily she only does this after she’s seen the vet! To ease their pains Mally treated the cats to a fish supper from the chippy.

They are all zonked out asleep. Well I should say they were all asleep. Lacey has disappeared. The state of the art cat flap says lil Lacey is still in the house…..but she isn’t!!! I’ve been searching high and low….no sign of her. Has she collapsed from the vaccine? I think the only explanation is she’s somehow gone through a multi dimensional vortex hidden somewhere in the house….Mally said he thought it was unlikely.

According to the cat flap data lil Lacey is still in the house…..must be a vortex

Whilst I await lil lacey’s return I was googling cat vaccines…just for the fun of it like you do. I will leave you with this question below that was genuinely posed to a vet website.

There you go pets cannot get autism from vaccines! We can all sleep soundly now.

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