‘Tis the season

Happy news….Lil Lacey had not slipped into an inter dimensional portal. She was asleep in the bunny’s hooded cat bed in the spare room! However, maybe that cat bed is in fact a portal and it’s now a cloned version of Lacey…my head hurts.

Lil Lacey

As it is nearly Christmas I thought it was time to decorate a little. Okay it’s no Buckingham palace and the place still needs decorating and looks like a tip but I’ve tried.

Christmas,tree, baubles
Yes the tree is sat on a chair with a house bunny and three cats it was the only way forward.
Maybe I should add some tinsel
It’s not much but more than I usually do 😆

Honestly usually I don’t even bother with decorations as I’m usually working all Christmas including Christmas Day and Boxing Day. However, this year I am off and decided I would make a little bit of effort.

I do love a nice posh Christmas tree with colour coordinated baubles. Oh how I envy people with that level of artistic skill. But unless I pay someone to do it for me that’s never going to happen. Instead I have gone for an eclectic mix of baubles this year. I even managed to find a vegan sausage roll bauble! I don’t even feel bad about my selection of baubles now as I watched a programme on the Queen at the Christmas. Apparently she loves different and strange baubles on her tree…no uniformity for her. I’m in good company!

Vegan sausage roll bauble
My two favourite things a roll and a pint of beer!
Keeping it classy with a pink flamingo in a Santa hat
A cactus….just because

I picked the narwhal bauble because the tusk reminded me of that awful terror attack on London Bridge last year. Not that I like being reminded of terror attacks…it was the fact that an old narwhal tusk was used to subdue the attacker. The tusk was plucked off the wall at the Fishmongers Hall and used as a weapon against the knife welding terrorist…..the other baubles….well I just like them.

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