So this is Christmas

It was a quiet one for me this year due to…well we all know why. Just Mally, me and my elderly ex neighbour Judith. But to be honest it was actually a nice Christmas, quiet and relaxed, no family fighting or mass amounts of catering, just chill.

I’d pre cooked a few things the day before and boy does that make a difference! No stress today. This meant a few glasses of Prosecco whilst I cooked roasties and veg.

My elderly ex neighbour is a real character. She loves her vino and has a few stories to tell! Mostly the same stories but nevertheless entertaining. She’s been widowed about six years and lives with her crazy cockapoo Brandy. I’ve never before seen a dog walk like a kangaroo before but she manages it. Judith said she’d spent about £150 on Brandy for Christmas. Brandy though tends to rip anything to shreds in an instant, so it maybe £150 down the drain. However, Judith assured me that the toys had been “tiger tested”. I nodded my head and continued on with dinner.

My veggie Xmas dinner. Don’t worry there was gravy!
Meaty Xmas dinner for everyone else

After a pudding of Christmas pudding that wasn’t a Christmas pudding….I know weird eh? We sat down with yet another glass of wine and awaited Judith’s taxi….which she had booked two months earlier for this very day….she likes to be prepared.

Christmas pudding that isn’t a Christmas pudding. It’s filled with a chocolate cake ganache.

Judith has just gone and I’m tired of hearing George Michael’s Last Christmas on Alexa Christmas radio. In fact I am shattered and it’s only just after 7pm. I think a nap is now in order. My little tabby Susie thinks so!

Who ate all the pies…Susie did! Well a load of turkey and beef.
Just to reassure all the northerners I did have plenty of gravy!

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