Would you Bubble and Squeak it?

Boxing Day…..the best thing about Boxing Day for me is the bubble and squeak from the leftover Christmas dinner. Roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mashed potato, broccoli and some leftover Yorkshires all mashed together. Bliss. Throughout history it has been known as a peasant dish….but I don’t give a hoot, it’s delicious and one of my favourite meals. Apparently this dish was first mentioned in written literature around 1760, the same year roughly that my house was built.

Pan of bubble, bubbling away
End result. Photo isn’t great due to the steam in a cold kitchen.

I think I may have managed to find the worst Christmas cracker joke this year.

With the government only allowing Christmas Day with other households it has been a very quiet Boxing Day. (Even worse in southern counties as Christmas Day was effectively cancelled). In fact this year it feels like Christmas has in fact just been one day rather than the usual week of festivities. But it is what it is and I count myself lucky that I was still able to enjoy Christmas Day.

So now I must decide what to do next. Shall I have a little drink? My liver is still crying from yesterday’s Prosecco indulgence, so I may just stick to water the rest of the day….maybe.

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