It’s raining, it’s pouring the vet is definitely not snoring.

The weather forecast isn’t good tonight. Looks like snow from the early hours. Although I love snow, getting to work, shopping and other essential tasks are a nightmare!

The rams have big thick coats but I still worry about them, so I’ve just put a load of warm hay in their shelter. They love it. Hopefully they’ll stay snuggled down in the shelter all night.

Vinnie and Rambo enjoying the fresh hay

Vinnie and Rambo are miniature rams. They are from the breed of Ouessant sheep. Although they still pack a punch with their horns despite being “miniature”. When I first adopted them in June I hadn’t realised what I had let myself in for. Vinnie constantly rammed me and everyone else….it was painful.

They had both come from a very loving family, it’s just that family had two very small children now and it was becoming dangerous with the rams. After being rammed for a few days, I decided to contact the vets. Vinnie needed the snip, ASAP.

However, this wasn’t like a regular visit to the vet as I would with my cats, oh no. I got to see the whole operation whilst holding vinnie’s tail up for the vet.

The lady vet arrived at the house drenched, it was pouring down. Thunder and lightening the lot. We decided quickly that the op would take place in the old workshop/shed in the garden. The vet asked if I could fetch a bucket of water. I erred on the side of caution and brought a warm bucket of water out….that’s what happens on the telly when people give birth at home don’t they???

Mally took hold of Vinnie’s front and horns. I lifted his back legs up and tail up and the vet got to work. To be fair Vinnie was a really good boy. He had a numbing injection and then the vet used a razor blade for the work then stitched him up. She did a really good job and made sure she showed me the erm baubles she had stolen from Vinnie. It was actually quite interesting. Yorkshire vet eat your heart out haha. We were given a few injections of antibiotics to give him and the vet went on her merry way. Vinnie ran away from us for a week or two…can’t say I blame him. But he was fine and after a few weeks he had completely stopped head butting me. Success!

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