I’m dreaming of a white…January???

Well as we know January did not start well for me. I’m still upset about Honey and Houdini but I have my other animals to care for and make 100% sure they are as safe as can be. Luckily I’ve had no further successful visits from Mr Fox.

On Saturday Mally and I took a cat who sadly needing rehoming, due to the owner’s hospitalisation, up to Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. I can’t stress enough what a fantastic charity that is. Ran by the Amazing Alex who never stops even for a minute. She even took baby animals away with her on holiday to nurse them!

On the way back from the charity we suddenly encountered a huge deluge of snow. To get to Whitby and back from our home is a trek across the moors. We hit the moors and suddenly started to slide all over. The tires seemed to have no grip. Cars were sliding all over. I genuinely believed that we would have an accident. A bin lorry was behind us and I thought he would hit us once he went down a slope. But luckily he stopped at the brow of the hill and stayed there. At one point it looked like we would need to abandon the car and walk around 10 miles uphill home. Luckily though we made it back! This was my first taste of winter this close to the moors.

Doesn’t look much but with the ice combined, it made driving conditions very difficult.

The snow had fallen heavily at home. A fair sized crowd had gathered near my house. They were watching many drivers desperate attempts to get up the bank nearby. I saw three teenagers stood on the corner. I thought just like most people that they were up to mischief. However, when I looked out of the window they were pushing cars up the bank. They had been stood waiting to help anyone that needed a push. Never assume anything!

My garden and woodland was covered in snow within minutes. Once I’d checked my animals I brought my house bunny Fonzie out to enjoy the snow. She loved it. Kicking about in the snow and thoroughly enjoying herself. I was cold but it was lovely.

Fonzie loving the snow

Due to the snow, I noticed that the very old natural spring in the garden had started to flow. It had been dry up until this point. I’d never seen any water coming from it. However, it was now flowing with what appeared to be clear water. I wasn’t going to drink any though. I’d had enough just trying to dodge Covid without adding cholera to mix.

Natural spring in the garden

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