Golden Girls

It’s a much nicer day today. Still chilly but milder and no rain so far. The better weather has allowed me to spend more time with my Golden Girls today. The Golden girls are my hens BoBo and Charlie. They live separately to my other hens as Bobo has a leg disability and Charlie just seems to get beaten up by the other girls. They live in my bottom garden whilst the other girls live in the upper woodland garden.

They are both really happy hens and are constantly chatting to me. However, I bet they wouldn’t mind living in the Florida sunshine like the real life golden girls did!

Charlie came to me after my neighbour and friend spotted her hiding in a BBQ in her partner’s garden. Enquiries were made but No one seemed to know where Charlie had come from. I took her in and nursed her back to health. She was underweight, had bumblefoot and mycoplasma . Now she’s fully fit and is great company for my disabled hen BoBo.

Charlie living under a BBQ
Charlie having some TLC after being found in a BBQ. This was around seven months ago
Charlie after she stole my sandwich 🥪

BoBo is quite the character herself. She was in the local press a few months back. One quiet autumn afternoon the peace was suddenly shattered for miles around. A sonic boom had tumbled throughout the whole area and people were concerned. Everyone believes it was an RAF exercise but it was never confirmed. At first people thought, oh no now an asteroid to add to our covid woes, but that appeared luckily not to be the case!

Anyway why might BoBo be part of this sonic boom? Well I have wildlife cameras set up to keep an eye on my girls and to monitor the local hedgehogs. The sonic boom had been captured on my wildlife cam. BoBo’s reaction had also been captured. It appeared that I was the only person to have actually captured the boom on camera. The local rag…Evening gazette ran the story and a video of BoBo running away from the sudden blast. Below is a link to the article if you’d like a look.

So both Charlie and BoBo have stories to tell! Today they are both in their bird flu quarantine run. They seem happy enough but I will be glad when they can finally go free range again and I’m sure they will be too!

BoBo chilling in her run. Charlie beside her.

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