Down the rabbit hole

Good news after that heatwave last week, everyone in the woodland survived the hottest U.K days on record. It was a battle keeping everyone cool, but the woodland with its leafy trees kept everyone reasonably cool. There’s a new cockerel in town now. That brings the total to 4 cockadoodle doos. A family member contactedContinue reading “Down the rabbit hole”


Wow it’s hot today. I’ve had annual leave in for these two days so I can care for my animals in this heat. It’s been a battle I can tell you. I’m in and out with frozen water bottles, refilling paddling pools and water. I’m lucky that the woodland is well shaded with the treesContinue reading “Heatwave”

I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky

We also had a new addition to the henny flock. Big gorgeous hen Lucky. She was the sole survivor of an allotment fire. A lovely lady rescued her and she recovered beautifully. However, the lady’s garden was set up for pigeons so she needed somewhere to roam with other hens. She absolutely loves just potteringContinue reading “I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky”

A storm approaches

The weather was awful last week. It’s probably the worst storm I can remember. Gales, rain and snow hit Scotland and the north east of England. I was awake all that night worrying about my animals and constantly checking outside. Thousands of people are still without power a week later. I know how awful itContinue reading “A storm approaches”

Sittin in the (beer) garden sun

I haven’t posted a blog in a while, it’s been crazy busy with work and some more new critters. At the minute I look like my face has been dragged across gravel as I have a load of cold sores. A week ago, myself, Mally and my crazy ex neighbour Judith went to the ShipContinue reading “Sittin in the (beer) garden sun”


It’s been a busy day. Last few bits of shopping before Christmas. Sorting the animals out and cleaning up. It’s going to be a quiet one this year for nearly everyone after the announcement from the PM this afternoon. Speaking of a quiet one, my hens aren’t happy at all since the government bird lockdownContinue reading “Cluckdown”