So it begins

The electrician came and managed to install two power sockets that we could run extension leads from. He also managed to get the lights back on. As he went upstairs to check the boiler, my cat Cagney decided to drop a dead bird at his feet. Thanks Cagney. I apologised profusely but he just thought the incident was hilarious. But thinking on it, Cagney was rewarding the electrician with a gift for getting the heating back on. Cagney and Lacey spend most of the day laying on my bed with the electric blanket on full blast. The pair of them were very happy.

I had decided to set up camp in my bedroom. A student bedsit type approach was what was needed. I secured an emergency box of wine…yes a box! because that’s how I roll these days. I also sent out for provisions from the local purveyor of fine potatoes and fish…I ordered a chip butty with scraps.

Emergency box of wine and chip butty and mini heater.

I needed some sort of kitchenette type set up next. Although I love takeaways and will happy have them everyday the cost does mount. The dressing room seemed like a good idea.

That Stella fridge has come into its own. Shame there’s no Stella in there.

If I’m being totally honest, I love my new set up. Everything within reaching distance. Really cosy if you ignore the contaminated sludge over every single surface downstairs. Yes a lot of people think I’m mad, staying there with that sludge around but they’ve never had to clean Vinnie and Rambo’s bums with a sponge after their new sheep feed disagreed with them….this is a picnic in comparison 😂. The upstairs is completely clean honestly gov’ner.

Fonzie the house bunny has been relegated to the back bedroom as her beautiful white fur would never recover from a journey to the sludge side.

Fonzie now behind a baby gate. She’s in there somewhere….I hope.

And finally to complete my student transformation I bought that delectable treat…the quintessential and despite the flavour suggestion on the top totally vegetarian dirty pot noodle.

The king of fast food

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