Attack of the Sludge

The last two days a restoration company have been inside my sludge covered pit. All the damaged goods have been removed and the area thoroughly cleaned. There now stands several industrial dryers on the ground floor. Hopefully this will start drying up the place. I’m sure this building has seen worse in her 300 years.

After the cleaning
The morning after the flood

Things are starting to look a lot better already. However, we will have to continue living upstairs for quite a while yet. The electrics are too dangerous and in fact likely fried downstairs so no power there. The telephone and internet connections have been destroyed and worst of all Susie’s cat basket needs at least a surface of the sun degree wash in the washing machine…if I had a washing machine anymore.

I’ve been told by the insurance this is going to be a long process, especially as the building is grade II listed. A surveyor from English Heritage has to advise the insurance on what can and can’t be touched as some things in the building are nearing 300 years old. This is going to take some time.

Getting there
Pre clean up

Most of the day I have been upstairs in my bedsit babysitting one of my old quails who needed a bit of TLC. Whilst I was doing that, the restorers were hard at work cleaning. So glad for insurance otherwise I would have been doing that 😥.

DJ snoozing in the warm bedroom

DJ my quail is an old lady now and it was cold outside so I brought her in for a cuppa and chat. With COVID she’s the only visitor (apart from emergency clean up crews) I can have at the minute. She really perked up after her cup of tea.

DJ enjoying her tea

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