Down the rabbit hole

Arnie and Sylvester my two beautiful woodland bunnies have had to come down into the house today. They were covered in mud after digging in their mud piles the last few days. Arnie was a good boy but Sly decided to scratch the living daylights out of me as I put them in their carry case to bring down.

I popped them into a dog crate complete with fluffy fleece blanket. At first I didn’t want to spook them by just getting them straight into a bath. I decided to wash them down with some special bunny shampoo and warm water. They really enjoyed it as I guess they thought I was grooming them. However, they were just too muddy and it really wasn’t doing too much the sponge.

Arnie was enjoying the sponge 🧽

Mally got the green bucket type thingy thing we use for all our animal bathing needs and filled it with warm water. Both boys did really well and were stars. Letting us wash them. I wasn’t impressed with the bunny shampoo. Didn’t do a thing against that muck. Maybe I’ll try a baby shampoo in future.

Mally giving Arnie a bath
Drying out in front of the fire. However, the fire tripped what little electricity we still have. Susie on her new clean cat basket.

They are both back in the dog crate tonight to thoroughly dry out. They’ve got a big pile of hay and some veg and water. The heater is also positioned near the cage to help them dry out in this cold weather. The only issue is they still look really dirty even after all that!

The roofers are due tomorrow to start work on the old roof. My very first post was about that bloody roof! Anyway at least it’s getting sorted. I’ve set up a brew station for the roofers. Complete even with biscuits and cappuccino sachets….I need a couple of extra tiles on one of the out buildings 😉

The roofers tea station

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