Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

The woodland bunnies are still in the house. They look only slightly cleaner after their sponge clean and bath! I’ve decided they will stay in the house the next couple of nights for some TLC as heavy snow is forecast tomorrow. I opened the cage door but they made no attempt to leave. I think they thought “Nah, we’re cool Mam, it’s nice being waited on”.

They are cleaner than before but I don’t think they’ll ever be completely clean again 😩

I finally found out today where Cagney had hidden herself during the flood. I searched everywhere that night…well I clearly hadn’t searched everywhere! She has now taken to sleeping in the laundry basket in my bedroom. Really I should have thought of checking there. It’s well documented that children and animals hide in cupboards, under beds and probably in laundry baskets in times of disaster such as floods and fires. Lesson learnt, check all small spaces.

The laundry basket

It’s a bit chilly today so it was very disappointing that the boiler has suddenly packed up. That seemed to be the only thing that had survived the flood unscathed….clearly not. Myself and Mally have just joked that if we didn’t have bad luck we’d have no luck at all…we’d be in a state of suspended animation I guess as nothing would happen at all. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. I have some really great friends (I know it’s hard to believe) I got two brilliant gifts from two of them…..a bottle of scenario appropriate wine and a wall hanging lifebuoy.😃😬

A bottle of the good stuff
This now adorns my front door

Work started on the roof today. I’m so glad as I don’t think it would have survived too many more winters. Although it did survive that storm. The roofers noticed something very interesting in the rafters. The beams are all made from old ship masts. See even in 1760 they were recycling. To be fair people did recycle up until fairly recently as they simply didn’t have the money to buy new. Some of the beams are apparently still in good condition and sturdy…that’s saved us a bit of cash. If only I had known we had ship masts in the loft, I could have tied on a few sails and we could have sailed our way out of that flood the other week!

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