What would Jackie Weaver do???

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while. I was feeling quite ill for a week or so after my covid vaccine. I think I had a strong immune response to it. About six hours after having it I suddenly got the worst chills, fever and for some reason bad pains in my legs. At one point due to my fever(it wasn’t due to my fever, I’m just a weirdo naturally) I had a strange thought that I’d died and had suddenly become aware of it just like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense. I thought I would suddenly now float away. Anyway to cut a long story short, the reason I thought this was because Mally kept walking past the bedroom door and I kept shouting him but he didn’t respond. Therefore, naturally as you do I assumed I had died and that’s why he couldn’t hear me. That seemed the only logical explanation. Turns out he was just listening to some programme on his headphones and couldn’t hear.

Although I now have twenty cold sores on my lips and look like I should be on an episode of botched plastic surgery, I’m feeling ok. I’m very pro vaccine as it is vaccines that have allowed the human race to prosper and progress. Even with my botched surgery look and thoughts of being dead I’m still glad I had the vaccine.

Whilst I was waiting to have my vaccine and was sat in the doctor’s surgery car park I watched a video on the tube of you. It was something I wouldn’t normally click on…..an upload of a local parish council meeting of Handforth. But it was the funny and yet enabling in a way as Jackie Weaver….who I don’t think actually had the authority….battles her way through the misogynistic foul mouthed councillors who think they have the god given right to be in charge. She muted them all and order was restored. If you haven’t seen it then google it…you won’t be disappointed.

The house is now moving on slightly. The roof is nearly done and the insurance are drawing up plans for the flood damage. Apparently as the house is old it needs to be tested for anthrax before any building work can be started. Anthrax naturally occurs in the soil and on animal fibres. In the old days lime plaster was used and binded together using animal hair. So it’s a possibility it could still be present. Oh goodie!!

So apart from a global pandemic, pretty bad flood and possible anthrax in the walls, I’m actually in a good mood. Might be the large bar of galaxy chocolate followed by a rum chaser that has enhanced my mood.

We are still living upstairs and cooking options are limited. I must admit I’m getting sick of things that go in the microwave or toaster. Today I rustled up a pan of stew on the gas hob, which still works when aided by matches. I think that’s why I feel better, a proper meal can really lift the mood.

Mushroom and veg stew

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