Chirpy Chirpy Cheep

Just like yesterday, today has again been bittersweet. When I checked on Ruby this morning she had died. Big bird was still cuddled into her. She then began to peck her gently in an attempt to wake her up. I think she knows what has happened. Nest in peace Ruby.

Big bird’s eye is getting better but she still needs box rest for another few days.

My second quail chick hatched this morning. The hatch was a lot easier than little tiny who was first. This little lady…I think because she is a lot lighter and smaller than tiny. She didn’t have half an egg hanging from her like Tiny did and she was fluffy and dancing around a lot quicker. Although she did take a lot longer to break out from her shell than Tiny did. She took nearly 18 hours, whereas Tiny popped out within about 8.

Second little quail chick. Still haven’t thought of a name.

They are both now cuddled up in their brooding cage.

Tiny and the newly hatched chick touching beaks

I had a sleepless night last night. One of cats Cagney decided she wanted to sit on top of Tiny’s cage and upset him. I shut Cagney out of the room, but poor Tiny kept chirping. He was fine when I shouted to him “mammy is here”. That quietened him down but then he’d start chirping again and I’d have to gently stroke him until he went back under his brooder and went to sleep. At least now he has his sister for more company.

I have also added another little bantam hen to my flock today, again adopted from Whitby wildlife. She’s very small and was getting hassle from big hens at the sanctuary. So far she’s fitting in well with Manny, Adriana and Rocky.

New hen olive 🫒

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