Grey skies are going to clear up…

It’s been raining almost solidly for two days now. Luckily the sun has just come out. I’m tired after finishing work for the day, normally I’d order a pizza but I’ve decided to do a quick and easy pasta bake in the halogen oven thing. I still don’t have a kitchen, so I get by using a halogen mini cooker, slow cooker and microwave. Not too bad I guess. I did manage to do a Sunday dinner in it the other week, but it was hard work and took ages!

My Yorkshire puddings in the halogen oven last week. Good piece of kit but as I learnt too small to cook more than one thing at a time.
It was nice but took too long. My homemade Sunday dinners are on the back burner until I get my kitchen installed.

In other news, the quail chicks are doing really well. I thought little Tiny had a limp last night but today he’s totally fine. We’ve now named the little girl…Phoenix as chosen by Mally. I’ve been looking at my male quails today, all six of them. I’m convinced old brown boy is Tiny’s father as he definitely doesn’t look like Elvis my Californian quail and the my other lads are really light in colour. See what you think from the pics below.

Old browny in his dust bath
Little Tiny. I think they are a match!
Tiny and Phoenix

Tiny and Phoenix are my miracle babies, their mother sat on them for ten days and then got bored. Two days later Mally tried to put them under my broody gold top chicken hen Junior but she decided to go unbroody (if that’s a word). Then Mally put the five eggs in the incubator and now we have Tiny and Phoenix. All my animals are pets and have a home for life. The eggs they produce I give away for free. It’s just I’ve never seen a domestic quail brood on eggs before and they deserved a chance at life.

On yet another note. Big Bird my other poorly hen is still looking poorly but all I can do is continue with her meds, keep her warm, well fed and watered and hope for the best.

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