Champagne or Wine

Luckily a more upbeat post today. Firstly my hen big bird is looking a lot better and is starting to eat properly. Secondly little Tiny my quail chick is doing well and having a growth spurt. He’s a right character, if I leave the room all I hear is cheep! Cheep! He also demands I pick him out of the brooder cage for mammy snuggles. Lately he just won’t stop cheeping and bouncing up and down. I worry that he will get too cold if I keep picking him out. So I got a hot water bottle and covered it in a fleece blanket. He sat on my knee for a while just chatting away and dozing off. I was reading a book on my iPad and he became very interested. Learning to read already. I’ll be booking him his place at Oxford next week!

Very interesting 🧐. However, I’m worried he needs glasses being that close to the screen 😂

I’ve just had the cabinet makers on the phone and they are looking to start rebuilding my kitchen in the next couple of weeks. They want me to stop by their workshop next weekend to decide what design I want. Wooden and country if possible was my reply. I’m no bridezilla type and I’ll just go on their recommendation regarding the work as apparently they are part of the guild of master craftsmen… am I glad the insurance are paying! The craftsman did say you might want to talk it over with your partner first. He’s right because I’d agree to something then Mally would say it was totally impractical….such as me having six wine fridges and a low hanging candelabra in our tiny five foot long kitchen.

Well work is finished for the weekend and I know it’s still early in the afternoon, but I’m eyeing up a bottle of white wine in my fridge. Plus some chocolate chip shortbread. It’s got to be done. Winston Churchill said “Champagne. In success you deserve it and in defeat, you need it”. He might have been talking about champagne but I’m sure he meant wine and also forgot to add you deserve it after work too!

Wine and shortbread

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