Fly high little Phoenix

I’m starting to be a right Debbie downer on my blog at the moment. I got up this morning to find that little Phoenix quail chick had died. I was very upset as I felt that she was my baby and I had failed her. I know chick mortality can be high but it still doesn’t make me feel any better. I couldn’t see anything wrong with her, her bum was still clean, no sign of any illness. A mystery. But on a positive note, Tiny her brother is growing by the hour. He’s a cheeky boy and is always running over to me. He does a lot of cheeping until I go over to him. I’ve placed his brooding cage right beside my laptop today as I’m working from home.

Latest pic of Tiny

I forgot to mention that my rams Vinnie and Rambo have been naughty boys recently. Mally was bent over in the garden doing some weeding and Rambo thought this meant he wanted a rut. Before Mally knew what had hit him Rambo had smashed his horns into the top of Mally’s head. It was quite a nasty cut to his head with a few headaches afterwards. I also suffered some bruised ribs when again naughty Rambo rammed him in the side when I was sat on the floor seeing to my rabbits. Definitely took the wind out of me. I realised then that a plan of action was needed. Again I instructed Mally 😂 to build a holding pen on the rams stone house. This way they can be locked away safely whenever we need to do work in the garden or I’m feeding my other animals. (Which is twice a day). They only get shut away for a maximum of an hour and are let straight back out again on my way out of the woodland. The boys are good 99% of the time but on that odd occasion they go rogue it can be a painful experience. But they are rams and well rams ram!

Mally knocked up this holding pen complete with gate.
Rambo chilling with his flock. Like butter wouldn’t melt.

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