Cup of charcoal madam?

It’s been an eventful last couple of weeks. Tiny my baby baby quail is now fully grown and has laid her first egg. She’s still going to live in the house with me as I have mostly all male quails and I don’t want her to join them to be hurt. She cries every time she lays an egg and looks at me and says “what is this mammy?” I’m not a fan of eating quails eggs so I’ve given them to my neighbour. In return she gave me homemade jam and home grown beetroot. It’s a good barter system we have in place on my street.

Fully grown Tiny. She’ll always be my baby though.

The rams were starting to look like a giant ball of wool, so we decided it was time to give them a haircut. It was our first time shearing and I’d bought some electric sheep clippers from a company in Hong Kong off eBay…I know I didn’t they would arrive either…but arrive they did and very quickly….they also worked!!!

Rambo was first up and I held him whilst Mally sheared. It was difficult and Rambo wasn’t too impressed with the result but hey in this weather he needed it. I sheared his front which looks even worse, at least I’m not entering him in any farming competitions.

Before the shear
Let the shearing commence
After the shear

So the shearing was complete and all seemed well in the land of the rammers….however, this rapidly changed a week later.

I noticed Rambo and Vinnie had….let me put this politely…the squirts. I thought oh it may be the heat but their area and the woodland in general is well shaded and cool. They also have plenty of drinking water. I also then noticed they began laying down and Vinnie suddenly started pressing his head against a wall. I immediately consulted doctor google who suggested it was either a tummy upset or the bubonic plague. I called the emergency vet as it was a Sunday. Within an hour the vet arrived. The vet thought that they may have eaten something poisonous, but we just couldn’t work out what. The woodland was the same as last year and nothing had changed. The vet said that we had been lucky as the boys weren’t yet convulsing! He quickly went to his car and then put on a plastic suit…oh no I thought he’s going to do a Christian Bale in American psycho job on my rammers! But no apparently…..Phew!! The best course of action was to syringe at least three big tubes of charcoal into the lads’ mouths and hope that it soaked up any toxins. the boys were really brave and took the syringes of charcoal well. The vet said all we could do now was wait and hope for the best. The thought of losing my naughty rammers was horrendous.

Within a few hours both boys were back up and walking around. By the next day they were back to their naughty selves. The charcoal was a success!

Rambo and Big Bird vying for sweetcorn

There are a few new additions to the crazy garden and I’ll fill you all in on my next post… I’ll tell you about the new additions 😂. Anyway I’m still angry about the England v Scotland match. So I’m off to have a glass of wine to calm myself down. Plus well done to Scotland. Unlike England they had some passion!

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