Jemima puddleduck

I recently added a few new additions to my family. Two ducks, a cockerel and some more hens. They were in dire circumstances in an area not far from me. Anyway to cut a long story short they are now living with me and Mally. The ducks in particular were in a sorry state. I named them Jemima and puddleduck….of course! Jemima’s eyes are in a terribly sore as she had previously not had access to water in her last abode. So everyday I have been cleaning them, saline dropping and trying to encourage her to dunk her head in water. The ducks are Aylesbury breed and are very much a couple of characters. I get chased around the garden by puddleduck as she’s convinced I constantly have food…she’s right I normally do.

Jemima being treated for her poorly eyes. However, I’d never had ducks before and was shocked by the razors along their beaks.
The ducks new pool

I remember telling Mally who was at work that day to go and buy a paddling pool after work. He started to laugh and I think already realised it was because we had new members of the gang.

Also part of the new gang is a gorgeous cockerel who I have named Arthur. He’s amazing. He had a fight with our resident bantam cockerel Rocky. Arthur even though he is a giant wasn’t interested in fighting but little Rocky was. A large fight ensued and by the time I got up there it was over. Arthur had won and Rocky decided to put himself to bed early. Rocky had a couple of cuts which I cleaned and was fine. Since that incident Rocky just walks past Arthur and knows he’s the boss. So luckily no further unpleasantries.

Arthur and Rocky face off. Luckily all is well now

The weather has been glorious recently and we’ve started eating al fresco. Food just seems to taste better sat out in the sun. It’s also lovely sitting out hearing the hens clucking and Arthur crowing, I’m sure the neighbours think so too 🤣. Luckily I have animal mad neighbours.

One of my hens eggs fried and with some fried tomatoes in a bun. Simple but tasty.

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