We all like vindaloo?

I’m nervously sat with a glass of wine listening to the classic song Vindaloo by Fat Les and psyching myself up for the match. Come on England! I’m sure they’ll let us down as they always do and Gareth Southgate does play some very dull football but there’s hope. Also I’m sorry Fat Les we all don’t like Vindaloo, I personally prefer a vegetable masala with pickle tray starter….mmm pickle tray.

In woodland news, the quails have moved into the woodland again. They’ve got a brand new enclosure, Elvis seemed very impressed. It needs a few things adding but it’s looking good.

New quail enclosure

We’ve also had a racing pigeon in the garden for a couple of days. He was very tired and needed food, water and rest which I provided. The North East has a massive following for racing pigeons. According to the local news hundreds of the birds went missing last week after being released down south in order to race back up to the North. Pigeon fanciers believe a solar storm may have knocked them off course. Advice was if one of the little chaps landed was to let them rest and feed them. They would then be fit in a couple of days and continue their journey. That’s exactly what happened with my visitor. He made off on his merry way after a day and half of pampering. God speed little geordie racer.

Little racer
Provided him a little B&B for his brief stay

After listening to Vindaloo several times I’m now lining my stomach with a couple of Linda McCartney veggie burgers. Let battle commence!

Veggie burgers

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