Tiny library

I’m going to start today’s post with a pic taken just a few minutes ago of my baby bunnies 🐰 ❤️

18 days old now!

Now onto other news….Last week work finally started on fitting a kitchen and restoring the house after the flood seven months ago. However, nothing in this old house ever goes smoothly and a lot of extra plastering and damp proofing had to be completed once the kitchen was completely ripped out.

Kitchen finally taken out
Kitchen prior to flood

Still a long way to go but eventually we’ll get there. I must admit I won’t miss doing all my cooking on a portable electric hob…which switches off and on when it fancies it and a small halogen oven. Although I’m not knocking it as it’s been a life saver for the last few months. I’ve been able to still rustle up a few veggie breakfasts using my camping kit, so for anyone in a kitchen less situation it’s been extremely useful.

Veggie breakfast made using the electric camping job and mini halogen oven

The rest of the ground floor is also still in upheaval until the plastering and eventual decorating can be completed. But in a way I’ve enjoyed just living in a bedroom. I like small space living, it’s cosy. I think I’d enjoy living in a wooden hut as long as I had plenty of outdoor space.

My little quail Tiny is still living with me in my bedroom along with her birth mother blondie. I moved her indoors for company for Tiny. Also Blondie is getting old now for a quail and could do with some extra TLC. Tiny still hops on my knee and reads whatever I’m reading on the kindle.

Still reading Tiny
Tiny learning to read when she was a few weeks old.

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