Rub A Dub Dub, a duckie in the tub

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, it’s been really busy. Everyone is doing well, the baby bunnies and baby chicks are getting really big now! Time flies and they’ll all soon be fully grown.

One of the baby bunnies having a relax after throwing her food all over
Fonzie and the other baby. I need to think of names now!

The bunnies are just over seven weeks old and they are gorgeous. When the family are old enough they’ll be having a trip to the vets for a check up and a certain other procedure to stop any further little furries coming into the world. Then they’ll all go up into the woodland in their large run with playhouse.

Olive and her chicks

Olive and her chicks are all doing really well. Just like the bunnies, they’ll go up into the woodland when they are big enough.

I also added four young turkeys to my ever expanding flock. They needed a forever home after being rescued by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. They are beautiful loving creatures. One of the boys I named pumpkin was a little poorly and of course I had him staying in the house with me whilst he recovered. I’ve learnt that turkeys are very messy creatures! Mally woke up after a night shift to find pumpkin snuggled in to him, this was good strategy by pumpkin as Mally was saying pumpkin should be outside but he changed his tact when pumpkin started snuggling in 😂. Although I must admit it took a long time to clear up the mess he had made. Pumpkin is now back in the woodland with his buddies after a course of antibiotics.

Pumpkin on his own blanket on top of my bed.
Pumpkin shouting from the window at a passerby “don’t you come near my house”
Pumpkin snuggling in. Mally got a shock when he woke up 😂

And finally yet another adopted critter to the household….poorly slightly lame old duck George. George was dumped presumably because he was old and was again rescued by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. He spends quite a few hours a day laid in his dog bed, he also goes outside for a few hours leg stretch if he is feeling up to it. He’s so lovely and extremely chilled out. He has a daily bath in my bath or in the plastic pool in the garden.

Gorgeous George
Bath time.

I know some people would recoil in horror at having a duck in their bath but it’s not like I’m using the same water. Plus I do really scrub the bath afterwards…I promise.

Tomorrow I will finally be finishing the longest story ever told….my house getting renovated after the flood. Yes it’s virtually all done now, a few calamities all the way but it’s nearly there.

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