It’s been a busy day. Last few bits of shopping before Christmas. Sorting the animals out and cleaning up. It’s going to be a quiet one this year for nearly everyone after the announcement from the PM this afternoon.

Speaking of a quiet one, my hens aren’t happy at all since the government bird lockdown on Monday due to bird flu. They are normally free ranging in an acre of woodland, now they have a large netted run. But needs must. I’m sure I heard General tell me to cluck off.

Hen , lockdown, bird flu

So we’ve got the humans and birds in lockdown now. 2020…..what a strange year!

I’m now sat in front of my fire looking for something to watch on tv. “Four in a Bed” has just been on on channel 4 and it featured somewhere really close to here….Brockley Hall in Saltburn. A rather nice boutique hotel. I mainly watch this programme just to see what each establishment serves for breakfast. Same with “Come Dine With Me”. I’m a big fan of food programmes.

I keep buying chocolates and sweets for Christmas and eating them within hours. So now I realise I have no treats in. The horror! Even Susie my tabby cat tried to get in on the action. Don’t worry I didn’t allow her to have any.

Milk  Tray, chocolate ,
All because the lady loves Milk Tray

It’s Saturday night….therefore, a glass of wine is calling.

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