Escape from Nakatomi Plaza

Yes unfortunately another escapee story and this time it isn’t Elvis the quail. I try to allow my animals to live in the most natural environment possible. My big bunnies live in a covered large outdoor walk in cage. Mally put down wire mesh under the soil to prevent the bunnies digging out. However, to my horror I spotted two white bunnies, Arnie and Sylvester covered in mud and my big grey bunny Bruce missing. I found hidden at the back of the run a bunny hole…a.k.a an entrance to a warren. I shouted for Bruce but he didn’t come out…..he was suspicious I was Hans Gruber faking a Teesside accent. I just hope he hasn’t managed to acquire a machine down there as it will definitely make getting him out a trifle tricky.

Imagine Bruce Willis as a big grey bunny and this is pretty much the scene I think is unfolding in the warren tunnels at the moment!**

The wire mesh had been chewed through and in true escapee style the bunnies had somehow managed to cover over the hole with dry leaves!

Looks quite innocent until…
That’s what they were hiding! The Warden has discovered their secret!

Where the hole and bunny run is there is an old wall that goes deep into the ground. Therefore, it was unlikely they had managed to get through that part. But I don’t know! I shone my torch through and it looks like an extensive set of tunnels. I’m sure Bruce is camping out down there.

I ordered an endoscope camera, which came today. I just needed to see where Bruce was. Arnie and Sly came when called but Bruce hasn’t appeared. I need to make sure he is safe and out before I close the tunnel down.

It was hard to get the camera through the tunnels and light was fading fast. I couldn’t see old Brucey so will try again tomorrow with a better approach…just don’t know what that is now. I’m hoping Bruce is doing the same as Arnie and Sly and coming back into the run regularly for food and water.

**from the movie DIE HARD.

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