A portent of doom?

On the 21st of this month it was said a bright Christmas star would be visible in the night sky. A Christmas star brighter than any other one seen since the 1200s. I thought back to the 1200s…..as you do and remembered what I had read in numerous history texts, that bright stars or comets were often seen as a portent of doom. That a great pestilence or worldwide upheaval would follow. Sometimes it did but in those eras there was always something unsettling afoot regardless of the conjuncture of the night sky.

However, with all that’s been happening in the world this year it seems a bright Christmas star might encourage some people to believe they are in fact a portent of doom. But on a positive side this has come after months of a pandemic so could it signal a positive shift for humanity? Or is it simply just two planets aligning and means nothing apart from providing a lovely nighttime visual treat. I don’t really have an opinion at the moment as every single night it has been cloudy and raining and I haven’t seen a thing!

I have been sat outside on a night hoping to catch some sign of Bruce my big grey gorgeous bunny who did a runner. His brothers seem quite happy and haven’t even noticed he is missing…the cads. But still unfortunately no sign of Brucey.

I have four rabbits, Arnie, Sylvester, Bruce and my house bunny Fonzie. Fonzie is quite a character and spends her days trying to chase and play with the cats.

Arnie, Sly and Bruce

Fonzie has been jumping up at the attic door. She’s desperate to have a nosy up there. At the minute I’m not going to risk it. With that Star 💫 in the night sky, Fonzie could easily be transformed into a wererabbit in that unearthly loft!

Door to the attic
The attic

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