It’s been a while

My birdies are still in avian flu lockdown. Hopefully this will end soon. It’s been boring without them all hopping around free ranging and causing mayhem. The rams are still ramming and I’ve bought myself a metal detector. I am determined to find Roman gold or Viking I’m not fussy. About a mile away fromContinue reading “It’s been a while”

Spooky North Yorkshire Coast part II

In a previous post almost a year ago I spoke about some ghostly goings on in Whitby. On Thursday, myself and Mally took ourselves off to Whitby for the evening for a ghost walking tour. We arrived in the afternoon…it’s only a 25 minute drive from our house. I was determined to scout theContinue reading “Spooky North Yorkshire Coast part II”

They only come out at night

So I set two mini motion sensor cameras up last on the landing. This morning I checked the recorded footage on my app. There had been 12 activations of the cameras between 23:19 and 05:50hrs. Three picked up my cats. The rest had all activated but nothing was visible on the cameras. Everything seemed normalContinue reading “They only come out at night”

A portent of doom?

On the 21st of this month it was said a bright Christmas star would be visible in the night sky. A Christmas star brighter than any other one seen since the 1200s. I thought back to the 1200s… you do and remembered what I had read in numerous history texts, that bright stars or cometsContinue reading “A portent of doom?”