A sad start to the year

I got up on New Year’s Day trying to be positive and hoping this year would be better. However, it soon turned into one of my worst nightmares. A fox had got into the hen house and two of my girls, Honey and Houdini had been taken. There were only a couple of piles of bloodied feathers left. I’m completely devastated. The automatic door on the coop had had a mechanical issue and this allowed the fox access. I was lucky he didn’t take the rest of the girls. I think maybe Vinnie and Rambo scared him off. In five years of keeping hens I’d never had an attack. It shows you must never be complacent. I took for granted that the automatic door had closed as it had always done.

I searched my woodland garden for hours hoping that the girls had got away and were hiding in a log pile. Sadly no, all I found was more feathers against the farmers field fence. Mr fox had clearly escaped with bird in mouth through the fencing. I do love foxes like all creatures. He’s hungry and it’s cold. He was doing what he had to do to survive. It was my job to keep the girls safe.

I’d had Honey since she was a four hour old chick. A beautiful hen called a goldtop, a mix of silkie and light Sussex hen. Always cheerful and always running over to me for treats. She was around four years old. Houdini was an ex battery hen I had adopted from the charity Fresh Start for Hens. I’d had her for 18 months. She was always trying to oust The General as top bird. I have a feeling the fox targeted sweet honey first and Houdini has tried the help her whilst the others ran. Nest in a Peace my beautiful birds.

Houdini having her morning cuppa

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