Six dinner Sid

As you have read in my previous post I’ve been seeing a lot of shadows on the landing. I’ve decided to dust off my blink mini cctv camera and will set it up tonight. It is a motion detecting camera so it will either capture my cats or unlikely but you never know a ghostly apparition. If something spooky is captured I may wish I’d not set it up!!

Blink camera. It’s been outside all winter so is looking a little grubby

I’ll update you all with the results tomorrow.

In other news, the local neighbourhood cat, six dinner Sid, was stood on my garden wall waiting for his cat pouch. Afterwards he goes next door for a bowl of biscuits, then to another house a couple of streets away and then I presume home as he is in good condition. Anyway Six dinner Sid or Tux as I also call him due to his snazzy black and white markings usually has dinner on a tea plate. However, as my roof has been getting repaired the Welsh slate has been taken off. I thought to myself they use welsh slate now in all these posh restaurants as plates. So if it’s good enough for hipsters then it’s good enough for Sid/Tux. I presented the pouch nicely on the slate. I think he was impressed. Well he ate it just like he always does.

Only the finest for my visitors. Cat pouch presented on Welsh slate.

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