They only come out at night

So I set two mini motion sensor cameras up last on the landing. This morning I checked the recorded footage on my app. There had been 12 activations of the cameras between 23:19 and 05:50hrs. Three picked up my cats. The rest had all activated but nothing was visible on the cameras. Everything seemed normal so I don’t actually know why the cameras activated.

Everything is still

So unfortunately I didn’t captured any ghostly goings on but it was strange that the cameras kept activating with seemingly nothing there.

However, I did catch a little intruder trying to vandalise one of the cameras…..lil Lacey 🙄.

The vandal

The attic is looking a lot less spooky at the moment due to the new roof and skylight. Still wouldn’t want to hang around up there on a night though 👻.

Bring the sunshine in

The last couple of days have been really nice weather wise. The good weather seems to be making Rambo naughty. My leg is still swollen with a hard lump from the other day and the little monkey tried to ram me again today. I saw him doing his moonwalking backwards to get a good run up and knew what was coming. So I grabbed his horns as he reached me. He then walk off in a huff. I needed a drink after that….I know how rare for me to have a glass of wine 😂. Well after all that cattle ranching I decided to play with fire and had a bag of wine gums at the same time as a glass of wine….luckily I didn’t go blind or pass out.

Cheeky Rambo
Cheeky wine and packet of wine gums

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