I can see you!!!

I went up into the woodland to feed all the critters as I do everyday. My leg is still in a bad way after Rambo rammed me over a week ago. I had a strange thought last night that if I died from a blood clot because of that injury I would want on my gravestone “killed by Rambo”. That would spark interest in cemetery passers by. Wow they’d say, Sylvester Stallone really has gone rogue this time.

Anyway, I think Rambo could sense my nervousness today and when I went into the shed to get the feed, he cornered me. He wouldn’t move and seemed to be laughing almost, moving his mouth up and down so I could see his teeth. How long would I have to wait, surely he’ll want to sleep eventually??? I hoped.

He approached me inside the shed and I prepared myself for another shoe in. I couldn’t get help as Mally’s leg is in a worse condition than mine and he’s on crutches so he couldn’t get up those stone steps into the woodland. But it turned out Rambo wasn’t laughing, he was moving his lips because he had a seed stuck in between his gum and teeth and he wanted me to remove it. I took it out, gave him a stroke and he trotted off to go and headbutt his brother. All’s well that ends well as they say.

I came back into the house after the feedings and made myself a pease pudding sandwich. Yes just pease pudding as I don’t eat meat. I love pease pudding. I also reviewed my camera footage from last night. Still detecting motion but absolutely nothing to be seen on the footage. I don’t know if I’m disappointed or happy. If I had have seen something ghostly I might have been really freaked out and unable to ever sleep again. So maybe it’s a good thing. The cameras are going back outside to await my garden hedgehog waking from his hibernation. I like stalking him. However, he may soon apply for injunction against me as I do even have a camera watching his hedgehog house…..too much????

Mr H discovered my camera before Xmas.

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