Where is my mind

Now I don’t know about you guys but at the minute I’m loving wearing a mask when I go out. My mouth erupted in a colossal amount of cold sores since I had the covid vaccine and I can’t get rid of them. I needed to go to the shop this evening and I was so glad I had my mask. I even wore it whilst walking to the local shop, people looking would think oh she’s just being cautious. But no it’s mainly because I look like I’ve tried DIY lip fillers and it’s drastically failed.

Speaking of things that have drastically failed, I was watching hoarders on TV last night. A lady was on there and her flat was in a terrible state with cat poo and rubbish everywhere. I said to Mally I’m sure we’ve seen this episode before. He said it’s an update. I said I knew it!! I said she’d do it again. And she did. The same cleaners came to tidy up again and they were not pleased. I’m sure I heard one bork when she uncovered a pile of cat faeces in the owners bed 🤢. You can just tell that once the film crew go she’ll slip back into her hoarding ways. I then realised I probably come across as someone who would be a hoarder as a crazy animal lady but no I’m not. Even more so since the flood as everything on the ground floor was binned. I’m minimal and much prefer it.

The house is looking very minimal at the moment as the kitchen has been ripped out and all the skirting boards and some of the walls taken out. I still haven’t heard back from the laboratory see if we’ve got anthrax in the walls….and I thought covid was bad.

One of my cats Susie likes to hang around in the kitchen and she’s not best pleased with the upheaval…plus she’s insisting on choosing the new colours for the kitchen…according to my cat meow translator app… it was either that or she was saying she wanted some ham.

Susie cat
Gone kitchen gone

The joiner who took the kitchen out made sure before he left that we knew that he’d switched Susie cat’s heat pad and water fountain back on. Good lad.

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