For whom the slate tolls

This weekend has been a bit up and down. Mally’s knee dislocated again so we were back in A&E yesterday. Luckily again it went back in but with the coronavirus it’s probably going to be some time before surgery or whatever is needed takes place. He says liquid painkillers are the best (beer) but even he had to relent and take some actual painkillers.

I was out in the garden a lot today. Cleaning all the critters out. Felt quite spring like. Six dinner Sid made an appearance for his pouch, which might I add is still being presented on Welsh slate.

Six dinner Sid

I’m still without a kitchen due to the flood and all the building work. It’s getting hard now trying to get creative with a microwave and toaster. But to be fair I do also have a small actifry type thing. So it was fish cakes, baby potatoes done in the microwave and coleslaw for Mally for Sunday dinner. Oh how I desperately want to make some Yorkshire puddings. A big pile of Yorkshires smothered in gravy…..heaven. Ah well these tinned veggie beans and sausages on crumpets will have to do instead.

Michelin star dining

At least the roof has been completed now. Just needs the scaffolding down. I’m really pleased with it. No more bits of roof falling down in the attic…yippeeee.

New roofs

I’ve got a week off work this week, so tonight I’m going to settle down and watch some catch up tv. Ben Fogle inside Chernobyl looks like an interesting place to start.

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