Built on an ancient burial ground

Sometimes I think with all the bad luck I’ve had so far with this house it must have been built on an ancient burial ground……Well we overlook a cemetery and my friend’s house who lives just a few yards away used to be where a church stood. It was bombed out during the war and eventually turned into a couple of houses. Bodies were once buried in her front garden and were reconsecrated into the cemetery prior to the build. In fact the cemetery is virtually her back garden. This is sounding more and more like the beginning of a Stephen King novel. I’m sure my two black cats were seen visiting said cemetery….gulp.

Stood in my garden you can see in distance behind the houses the gravestones on the hill.
The old church. From The East Cleveland image archive http://www.image-archive.org.uk/?cat=165&paged=5
This is my friend’s house and where the old chapel once stood….she’s got a cemetery in her back garden 👻

On a less spooky note there have been five new additions to the household. Dolly, Big Bird, Ruby, Whitty and Van Tam. The five henny pennies were rescued by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary from a farm after the farmer decided to send his birds to rehome rather than slaughter.

My five girls are special needs girls with varying disabilities. One girl now called Big Bird has a twisted beak, another Dolly has a crop issue. Dolly…named after the awesome Dolly Parton. Anyway Dolly needed a crop bra…my hen Dolly. So today she tried it out. Her crop had become enlarged following a serious bout of sour crop and it was looking in need of support. She wasn’t too pleased at first. But she’s got used to it!

Dolly….do you think I’m funny? Funny like a clown??? Do you???….no no Dolly not at all

Vinnie and Rambo were very interested in the new additions. The hens didn’t seem too fussed about two big horned rams staring at them.

With the hennies still being in bird flu lockdown it is a bit of a nightmare for the girls and with the new additions handbags have been flying. However, hopefully by the beginning of April all the birds can free range again.

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