Hello, Hello, hello, what do we have here then?

Stay away from that trap door…you’re a fool if you dare.

After doing a bit of gardening near Vinnie and Rambo’s shelter we uncovered a stone trap door type slab near the wall of the shelter. Could be an old well we thought or to be honest with this house it could be anything. Maybe a treasure pit like on Oak island….I can only hope. Or something more sinister 🤔….hopefully not.

After some debate as to how we would move the slab as Mally’s leg is still really in a bad way we found a solution. A metal rod as a lever on that handy handle.

Oh what’s underneath????? Maybe my ticket to a mortgage free life???

No…it was a filled in hole…but you never know what’s in that filled in hole. It’s needs digging out. It probably is a well but you never know. My friend who has lived in this area all her life knows a lady who knows about the house. Apparently it is believed there was a secret tunnel linking the house to the garden. This doesn’t actually surprise me as the house, as I’ve mentioned before, was used as a secret catholic worship house in the 1700’s. It would make sense that a secret passage exists. However, I’ve not seen anything inside the house yet even after some of the floorboards were taken up after the flood….oh actually I tell a lie I did see something unusual under the floorboards the other day….Elvis my quail…the little scamp, he escaped (I know again) from his palace and just walked straight into the house and of course straight into the living room and under the floorboards. Luckily he emerged an hour later and was caught using a fishing net. He’s back bossing the coop.

Elvis escaping under the floorboards

This is the current state of the house whilst we await the anthrax test results from the horse hair plastering….it’s just a waiting game at the moment. However, it’s been agreed by all parties that this house needs minimum disruption to its interior and luckily the insurance assessor is very switched on to old buildings. So fingers crossed everything is going to be done right.

Two months after the flood and still lots to do
That’s the old bespoke wooden kitchen units gone. Bit upset about that but they couldn’t be saved

We’ve all had a trying year, some a lot worse than others so I can’t complain about my house as at least it’s still standing. Lockdown is starting to come to an end and hopefully we can all start getting out and about soon. My first proper visit out will be a beer garden when they open. So cheers to that everyone. Keep on trucking we are nearly there.

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