Sittin in the (beer) garden sun

I haven’t posted a blog in a while, it’s been crazy busy with work and some more new critters.

At the minute I look like my face has been dragged across gravel as I have a load of cold sores. A week ago, myself, Mally and my crazy ex neighbour Judith went to the Ship Inn beer garden. It has been a year since we’d sipped in (outside) a pub. I think Judith was excited as she kept sending me weather updates daily in advance of our trip. Anyway to cut a long story short we went to the Ship Inn, sat in the blazing sun, which is unusual for April, and drank a lot of wine. I ordered my usual of chips and cheese, the ship do the best homemade chips. (I went there once and had chips on their own for a starter and to push the boat out chips and cheese as a main course) Towards the end of the afternoon, Judith suggested a gin and Prosecco mix. I was slightly tipsy at this point so against better judgement agreed. Judith who is 75 years old and can drink anyone under the table, ordered us a double gin each and two small bottles of Prosecco. The bar staff were confused and came back to Judith (all the bar staff know Judith by name) asked what mixer she wanted in the gin. When Judith said the Prosecco was the mixer I knew I was in trouble!

All I remember next is getting home and passing out. I woke up the next day with the worst sunburn on my face and hands and a mammoth hangover. Teach me to apply sun cream in future and also I don’t like gin so why I had it I’ll never know. The sunburn caused a mass outbreak of cold sores on my face and I look like someone who has bubonic plague neither mind covid. Vinnie and Rambo the rams took one look at my face and ran away from me with their tails between their legs. Thankfully I have to wear a mask at work!

Judith was completely fine the next morning and text me stating we needed to do the same next week…..I declined and said it would be a few weeks before I’d go through that again 😂.

In other news, I now have two rescue cockerels. Again adopted from the amazing Whitby Wildlife sanctuary. The two boys are bantams so only small. I have Manny and Rocky plus their little girlfriend Adriana. They are all very good boys and girls. Luckily only Rocky crows and that’s only rarely and it’s quite a low level for a cockerel.

Manny and Adriana

The Bantams have settled in well with the other girls. However, now with having 14 hens, it is quite a bit of work to make sure everyone is in tip top condition. Big bird and Ruby two of my ex batts are currently in the house with me. Both have eye infections so I’ve separated them from the flock and started treatment. They are both now on a heatpad and seem as happy as you can be with eye infections.

Big bird and Ruby convalescing

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