Bottoms up

Hope no one is eating whilst reading this. Today I’m going to talk about poo 💩. I know most of my blogs already seem like 💩 but please bare with me. My little quail Phoenix seemed a bit off today. So I picked her out of the brooder to have a good look at her. Unfortunately she had the dreaded scientifically named pasty butt. This can be an issue with chicks that aren’t being cared for by a hen. So I have to replace mamma and basically wipe her bum…very gently. Then I had to blow dry her on a very low heat to ensure she didn’t get a chill. She seemed ok at the end and had a nice clean bum. Luckily her brother Tiny seems totally fine.

Phoenix having her delicate blow dry

My poorly chicken hen big bird is looking a bit better today. Fingers crossed she continues to improve.

I’m now sat in front of my electric fire in my bedroom as downstairs is still an empty shell after the flood. It’s been almost four months since it happened and the insurance are only just about to start work decorating in the next couple of weeks. In a way I don’t mind this as I quite enjoy small space living. I’ve always said I’d be happy with a wood cabin as long as I had plenty of fields and shelters for my animals.

I’m feeling a bit drained today so settled for cheesy beans on toast for a meal. I personally think it’s one of the best comfort meals you can have and only takes minutes and no skill to prepare. Ticks all my recipe boxes 😂.

Cheesy beans on toast.

I’ve set Mally yet another task. I want a new all singing and dancing quail house with run. He’s working out now how he is going to do it! I do set him a lot of tasks, despite his bad knee, but it keeps him out of trouble. Might be a little while before he can start as the weather and the fact he is back at work tomorrow may delay things. Below is the weather report for this exact moment in my locality. However, I assure you the sun is actually shining right now.

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