All grown up!

I’ve realised I haven’t given an update on the baby bunnies and the little chicks. All are doing fabulously. The little chicks moved up to the woodland and have their own coop. The baby bunnies are now outside along with Fonzie in a big run ready to go up into the their new woodland run soon. The baby boy who I have named Max has to be four months old before he can be neutered so he’ll be staying in the garden until that is done.

Bunny family. Sam on the left, Fonzie in the middle and Max on the right
The chickies enjoying their new home in the woodland

My neighbour Dawn took three of Olive’s chicks, Dawn is the only person I would ever give my babies to as she is animal bonkers like me and loves her babies. Plus there is only a cattle style metal fence between us so all the chicks can still see each other. Dawn also has three ex battery hens and the three bantam hens make a nice addition to her flock.

On another note, I got a phone call from one of my friends Steve and his wife Michelle regarding a hen they had rescued. The poor thing was in an awful state, covered in lice and had been doing that hen classic…walking on the road! They rescued her and popped her in their back garden to recover. They’d asked around but no one admitted to losing her so luckily she was rescued by them. She’s been in my garden for just over a week and a half to recover from her lice and build her strength up. I’ve been powdering her everyday. Last night she went up into one of the coops in the woodland and spend today trying to establish herself in the huge pecking order up there!

White hen Stevie…just after Steve had rescued her and I had brought her round mine.
Stevie today with the woodland gang.
The turkeys were very interested in the new member

I’m very pleased at the moment with everything. Touch wood the animals are all doing really well.

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