Swan Lake

The cold dark nights are now starting to make an appearance. I must admit I do love the late autumn/early winter. The leaves falling from the trees, the wood burning stove on, the chill in the air, it makes me feel more alive and in the moment.

I’m getting all the animals ready for the winter, stocking up on hay and cosy straw. The tarpaulin has come out for extra protection on the rabbit and hen runs. The rams winter coats are growing nice and thickly and their stone house is now full of hay. It makes me feel content when my animals are all snug.

I’ve just recently took over fostering a young swan from Whitby Wildlife sanctuary. He’s been born with several genetic defects. His wings aren’t growing properly and he walks bowed legged. However, he is the sweetest little guy ever! He insists on cuddles and cries if you leave him for more than a few seconds. I’ve named him Harold. If Harold does progress and looks like he can make it in the wild then he’ll go back to the sanctuary for wilding up and hopefully be released. I don’t know if he will ever get to this stage but if not he’s got a home here.

Harold the swan goes out during the day in the bottom garden with two duck friends and two disabled hens who all get on really well. Harold comes back in on a night and sleeps in a cosy dog basket 🧺. Last night he came downstairs in his basket and watched a movie in the living room….The hitman’s wife’s bodyguard…he seemed to enjoy it! Rather than popcorn to watch the movie, Harold had cracked corn…next best thing. 🍿

Harold watching an evening movie
Harold outside with his buddies

Mally’s sister, brother in law and two children came up last weekend. It was a lovely afternoon and evening of food, wine and talking about everything under the sun. However, when I was showing everyone the animals, the suspicious number of animals with leg issues raised some questions. Fiona (a solicitor and obviously naturally suspicious/looking for new clients) asked if I was doing a Kathy Bates Misery style and ensuring none of the animals ever left by breaking their legs. 😂 I can honestly reassure everyone that these animals came to me already disabled and I have actually successfully got some of them walking properly again.

Halloween tomorrow and I’m considering camping out in the spooky attic to see if any ghostly apparitions appear. I’m going to guess probably not, but it will give me something to do…i.e. a good excuse to switch all the lights off downstairs and not be seen by trick or treaters banging on the door!

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