All Hallows’ Eve

I’m sat up in the attic just for the hell of it, waiting to see if any spooks appear on this the spookiest day of year. So far nothing apart from a black cat slinking around the various boxes of bric-à-brac and piles of books. Sound from the street below is amplified in the attic. Rather than trick or treaters singing merrily from the street “Gis some sweets or I’ll egg your house”. All I can hear is the sound of sirens and someone shouting that the meat raffle in the pub next door was a fix….to be honest on the pub Facebook page it had a pic of the said raw meat platter sat on top of a radiator…most off putting I thought and also the fact I don’t eat meat..that also put me off.

It’s a pretty awful night weather wise. It’s been windy and heavy rain most of the day. It’s kept the trick or treaters in. I got Mally to limp up to the local shop earlier today to buy some sweets in case anyone did knock. But no sign of anyone. What a shame I shall have to eat all those sweets…it’s a tough job but needs must.

The attic is not looking particularly spooky tonight in all honesty
Attic stairs
Cagney has seen something in the corner!

Cagney one of my black cats 🐈‍⬛ loves the attic and she’s always looking towards the ceiling. I’ve looked but can’t see anything untoward….as far as I can tell.

Cagney has decided to make the effort this Halloween and dress up as Salem the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch. I think she’s done a great job.

See you can’t tell which is Salem and which is Cagney. Just for reference though, Cagney is in this pic 😁

I’m off downstairs now, bit chilly up here.

I just remembered I have a witches broom. It’s located near the front room fireplace. It came with the house…think they heard a witch was moving in 😂.

The broom came with the house. That’s the real reason I bought the house..the free broom 🧹

I can hear Harold the swan shouting from upstairs. He doesn’t like to be left alone. If I sit beside him then he’s happy as Larry (I wonder who Larry was and why was he so happy?).

Happy now I’m sat beside him

As you can tell, thus far it has been a most uneventful Halloween. However, I hope I haven’t spoken too soon……..🎃 👻

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