It’s been a while

My birdies are still in avian flu lockdown. Hopefully this will end soon. It’s been boring without them all hopping around free ranging and causing mayhem. The rams are still ramming and I’ve bought myself a metal detector. I am determined to find Roman gold or Viking I’m not fussy. About a mile away from my abode an old 7th century Saxon burial ground was uncovered in 2005. Amazingly the burial ground of a Saxon princess was also found there along with gold coins and jewellery. I can only hope I may find something monumental buried in my woodland.

That’s what my digging uncovered…not the trowel but the round metal thing. Plus loads of nails 🙄
Lil Lacey decided to sit in an old chiminea and supervise my metal detecting

You know I love a good ghost story but I do get a little unsettled when things start getting spooky in the house. The house is around 300 years old so has seen its fair share of people and drama. However, I’ve been awoken the last few nights in the early hours to the sound of a female’s voice singing what sounds like a humming noise but almost operatic. I can’t tell where it’s coming from. It might be coming from somewhere outside, maybe someone likes playing music during the early hours, maybe I’m going insane. Who knows. I don’t hear it during the day only around 5/6 in the morning. I’ve set up cameras previously and never caught anything apart from the cats mooching around. Just going to have to put this down to another mystery this house has.

As it’s a Saturday night I’m having a glass of wine and hoping I’m not suddenly awoken again by strange singing. To be honest it was like a mythical siren calling sailors to a dangerous sea. It was such a bizarre but strangely alluring sound. I hope this doesn’t mean another flood is on its way!

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