Mr Gobbles esquire

Been a bit quiet for quite some time as I’ve been run off my feet working and also looking after quite a few of the local wildlife orphans that needed a helping hand.

A new turkey arrived last week to make this woodland his forever home. He’s a gorgeous boy and has already lived an interesting life. He was living on a boat before he came here. He was rescued by his lovely mam from being made into Christmas lunch. So yes he resided on a boat before his mam could find him a safe home with other turkeys.

Now I don’t like to talk about fight club…but I am going to talk about fight club on this occasion. Mr Gobbles the new turkey came in strutting his stuff and this upset my old turkeys and they were like “oi, who do you think you are coming in here?” Anyway. One turkey at a time took on Mr Gobbles in a fight that can really only be described as handbags at dawn. They pushed and shoved each other until Mr Gobbles became head honcho. No injuries occurred and now everyone follows Mr Gobbles around. Fight club will never be mentioned again.

Mr Gobbles
The start of fight club…oh no I’ve done it again, mentioned fight club…oh and again!

I also hatched a turkey egg and 28 days later out popped Nutmega. S/he is absolutely gorgeous and is now enjoying time in the garden along with my other critters. She likes to bounce into the kitchen from the garden when I have guests and sit on their knees! Nutmega was originally called nutmeg, but a good friend of mine’s daughter decided Nutmega was better and so do I.

Nutmega. Baby turkey

We live next door to a pub, so we decided to pop in for a couple the other night as Mally’s brother was staying with us and we wanted to show him the local sights! We went outside into the beer garden which looks up into our garden and shed. Unfortunately we noticed a huge hole in our shed roof. It’s never ending the repairs on such an old house. But the night was a really good one as my neighbours came in and one had a present for me and Mally…a Christmas tree decoration! Yep I love quirky tree decorations. A lady was in the pub, another local who joined us all. She was blunt and to point with some off piste comments. After she left my neighbour said not to mind her, I said oh no I didn’t mind her at all and commented that she probably had autistic traits. My neighbour replied “oh no she’s German”.

Christmas tree decoration!
Pub beer garden looking onto the wall. Behind which is my garden.

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